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Everyone is talking about Crypto these days, whether it be TRADING , MINING or even STAKING but the biggest problem that cryptocurrency faces is understanding what it all is. 

People are afraid of Crypto and for good reason, there are plenty of scams and con artists out there trying to steal your hard earned money, which makes it difficult to find an investment you can trust.

Here at CryptoWorkx we take you from crypto beginner to crypto expert in no time. We provide 1 on 1 training sessions  as well as group workxshops teaching you all the basics you need on how to navigate the Crypto world and its waters.

We also host and market crypto campaigns by giving out free crypto to new members who wish to learn and experience the crypto world risk free (T&C's apply) !! please take note we DO NOT accept or invest for anyone, we purely educate. Please refer to our disclaimer page for further information.

Contact us at for a free lesson and join our youtube or telegram channels to learn more.

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